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£5 Off All 12-13 Premier League Shirts On Kitbag For 72 Hours

New offer on Kitbag: £5 off all 12-13 Premier League shirts for 72 hours. Ends 9AM BST Friday 20th July 2012.

12-13 AC Milan Home Shirt Release – Photos, Videos & Press Release

Adidas released today, after a very long tease campaign, the 12-13 AC Milan home shirt. I’m not particularly impressed by it and am looking forward to see the release of the 12-13 AC Milan away shirt which is supposed to be this beauty (on the right). Anyway, here are the photos, videos and the press release:


Maglia da gara AC Milan 2012/13

Maglia da gara AC Milan 2012/13

Maglia da gara AC Milan 2012/13

Nocerino - Maglia da gara AC Milan 2012/13

Ambrosini - Maglia da gara AC Milan 2012/13


Press release from Adidas:

The new jersey is going to debut May 2nd for the match against Atalanta.

April 30th 2012

A cutting-edge communication campaign reminding the origins of AC Milan Club, born in 16th December 1899. The debut of the new redandblack jersey will be set for May 2nd during the match against Atalanta.

That’s how adidas and the most successful Club in the world have chosen to present the redandblack jersey for the 2012/13 season. Once again 2 brands, that represent the excellence in football, have found an innovative way to communicate with all the Rossoneri supporters around the world and enhance Italian and Milanese roots of A.C. Milan.

The idea of the communication campaign, created by TBWA\Italy for adidas, is to rediscover the reasons that 113 years ago inspired Kilpin and all the founders of Milan Cricket and Football Club, by retracing the sites where the story took place.

The communication campaign is set by a press campaign of three subjects where players are portrayed in front of three symbolic sites in Milan (Castello Sforzesco, Colonne di San Lorenzo and San Siro stadium), and an activation on adidas and AC Milan digital platform – through their official websites – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, thanks to three viral videos, made on the streets of a very gothic Milan, from the dusk till dawn of the next day. That’s the night, when the most significant moments of AC Milan history took place and unforgettable national and international trophies were won.

That’s because in a December night, among the liberty buildings of the historic center of Milan, just a few steps from the Duomo, began the history of AC Milan, in that night Herbert Kilpin said: “We are a team of devils. Our colours are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents”.

The videos show key places in AC Milan history , during this story some details of the new jersey, are revealed, step by step. The Rossoneri fans had to find out on Facebook, like after like, the three episodes and also the day on which the jersey will be fully revealed.


Back to the wider stripes: 5 in total including 3 black and 2 red. The polo collar is back after three years, with “AC Milan” labeled on its back and the three white stripes are confirmed. The main detail is an Italian flag’s reference, in vertical, between the black and red stripes, and on the front side this detail is recognizable by a green oblique insert, and another one red, interposed with a white neck.


In the next season the AC Milan football players will have only one shirt that includes both TECHFIT ™ and FORMOTION ™ technologies. The new jersey will not have the TPU stripes anymore, but it will still ensure the advantages of the muscle compression thanks to the built-in stretch fabrics, knitted in the T-shirt and thanks to a perfect fit obtainable with the FORMOTION ™ technology.

10% Off Manchester United And Manchester City Merchandise On UKSoccerShop

To celebrate their fight for the top EPL spot, UKSoccerShop is offering for a short period of time 10% off Manchester United and Manchester City merchandise. Ends midnight, Wednesday April 25th 2012 UK time. Enjoy!

Premier League Kits & Shirts Clearance Sale

There’s a clearance sale on 11-12 Premier League kits and shirts on both Kitbag and UKSoccerShop. Go check it out; you may find what you want on the cheap.

11-12 Arsenal & Tottenham Shirts For £30 On Kitbag

In light of the upcoming Arsenal vs Tottenham derby, Kitbag is offering both teams’ 11-12 adult sized shirts for a mere £30.

Kitbag Sale: Up To 50% Off Premier League Kits

You can get Premier League kits – shirts, shorts, socks – up to 50% off on Kitbag until midday Friday February 24th 2012 UK time.

Kitbag’s Weekend Deals

Kitbag’s got some deals this weekend in honor of some of the matches played in the Premier League and the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. Here they are:
- 11-12 Manchester United full kit from £45 (kids full kit from £40)
- 11-12 Liverpool full kit from £40 (kids full kit from £35)
- 11-12 Tottenham full kit from £47
- 11-12 Newcastle full kit from £48 (kids full kit from £42)
- 11-12 Everton full kit from £40 (kids full kit from £37)
- 11-12 Chelsea full kit from £45 (kids full kit from £40)
- up to £20 off African football shirts

They all end midday Monday February 13th 2012 GMT except the African football shirts offer that is valid while stocks last.

MLS Pre-Season Sale On World Soccer Shop

There’s a MLS pre-season sale on World Soccer Shop in which you can save up to 80% on MLS merchandise. This one is going to end February 28th 2012 but you may want to buy some this weekend as there’s a free US shipping coupon available. Enjoy!

£10 Off 11-12 Manchester United Home Shirt

There’s a cool £10 off the 11-12 Manchester United home shirt on Kitbag. Ends on an unspecified date.

New York Cosmos Home Shirt For £25 On Kitbag

You can get the New York Cosmos home shirt from Kitbag for only £25. That’s a cool 50% off. The downside is that this offer lasts only 24 hours and it’ll probably end on midnight February 1st 2012 UK time.

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