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Up To 70% Off At Kitbag Summer Sale

Kitbag is having a new promotion where they discount items up to 70%. You can find all these discounted items inside their summer sale section here. Maybe one of them will pique your interest.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Aston Villa & West Ham Season Review DVDs + 08-09 FA Cup Final DVD Out

Not exactly soccer equipment, but Kitbag’s got some cool DVDs (over 100 of them actually – full list here) out related to English teams. Among the most interesting are the DVDs with season reviews of Manchester United, Everton, West Ham and Aston Villa as well as the 08-09 FA Cup final DVD containing the match between Chelsea and Everton. Here they are (full list here):

08-09 Manchester United Season Review DVD – buy here

08-09 West Ham United Season Review DVD – buy here
08-09 Everton Season Review DVD – buy here
08-09 Aston Villa Season Review DVD – buy here
08-09 Chelsea vs. Everton FA Cup Final DVD – buy here

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We’re going to launch this blog next week, so stay tuned!


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