Scotland vs England

Scotland turns the game upside down in the closing moments.

The man of the match for Scotland was Leigh Griffiths .He managed to score two goals for Scotland in the match that was played on the 10th of June. This was a World Cup Qualifying match for European Group F. The match was played at Hampden park .The result of the game was a surprise for the two teams. Gareth Southgate, England manager explained that the match should not have ended as a draw. He spoke about how Griffiths changed the whole game by scoring two goals.

England almost lost the game. It would have been their first qualifying defeat since 2009 .The last six minutes of the match changed everything for England. England defender, Gary Cahill exclaimed that the crazy last minutes of the game were bad for them. He said that England lacked the ability to handle Griffith’s two brilliant free kicks. These free kicks got Scotland that essential one point.

Before the so called “last six crazy minutes” that saw the dramatic victory for Scotland, the game was heart break match for Scotland. The free kicks left Joe Hart, who is England’s goalkeeper shocked and exposed .The once despaired and heartbroken Scotland became alive and chaotic in the last six minutes.

Scotland will still need a remarkable run in the next matches. Scotland manager, Strachan praised the team. He said that his team did an extraordinary thing.

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This match would have cemented England’s position at the top of Group F. England has to work hard to be part of next year’s finals. Can what Scotland did to England be repeated again in the next games? Every team now knows that it is possible to hold the giants. This is a clear warning to the England team.

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