Upcoming Big Premier League Matches

English Premier League is the most competitive league in Europe as well as in the whole world. All the matches are unpredictable here. There are several derby matches are scheduled in every season in the Premier League fixture. Beside the derby matches, there are many high profile matches are scheduled.

In Premier League, Manchester United will play against Liverpool; Tottenham will play against Arsenal; Chelsea will play against Arsenal; Manchester United will play against Manchester City; Arsenal will play against Manchester City; Liverpool will play against Manchester city. These are the remaining big matches of this season.

Southampton will host Liverpool in upcoming game week, is a big match for sure. In game week 29, Chelsea will host Tottenham. If anybody wants to get the tickets of these big matches, should collect the tickets at least one week before the match. Otherwise ticket might be sold out. Southampton vs Liverpool match tickets are already sold out. Chelsea’s most of the tickets are sold out. Only a few tickets against Tottenham are remains. If you want to buy Chelsea tickets, follow this http://hospitality.chelseafc.com/fixtures/

Chelsea’s match against Tottenham will be very exciting because it is a derby match. Chelsea is now the League leader and Tottenham is now in fifth position. Chelsea will fight to keep their first position. On the other hand, Tottenham will fight to get in top four so that they can play in UEFA Champions League in next season. In White Hart Lane, Chelsea vs Tottenham match was drawn by 1-1. This time the match is in Stamford Bridge where Chelsea is unbeaten under Jose Mourinho.

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